Did not foot the bill for the bus shelters — the capital costs and maintenance fell to the previous contractor in return for the right to place advertising in the public-right-of-way. But now, for a bigger share of the revenue — 60.5% versus 20% — the city is paying all capital expenses. In the current landscape, bus shelters may have gained traction. In his first city council meeting in December, new Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez drafted a motion instructing StreetsLA to study how to place shelters at every bus stop in the 13th district. — the city that puts its cars and their drivers above all else— has an opportunity to prioritize bus riders, and by extension, promote racial and social equity. As the contract wends its way through city hall, delayed by bureaucracy once again, questions remain about whether the city can meet its goals.

Requesting a recommendation from someone you don’t know

But keeping in line with how I use the site, I expect professional headshots, and barring that, a picture that depicts you in your standard business attire. Now, the tech entrepreneurs I know are dressed differently than the bank VPs. I think that’s fine; but it should be the best photographic image of you. LinkedUp appears to only allow users to browse from a pool of other LinkedUp users. You have to sign up to be included in the results and to receive messages.

I was disgusted because my page is professional and I genuinely use linked in for networking. But lately, I’ve experienced a lot of people using it incorrectly. Because I do a lot of writing and public speaking, I tend to accept LinkedIn connection requests from many people I don’t know. The problem, at least for women like Proudman, is that receiving a compliment is one thing, but being put in an awkward position by a powerful person in the same industry is something else entirely. The act of networking is plenty obnoxious enough already even without considering all the gender, age, and status dynamics that go into seeking career guidance from another human being. As LinkedIn’s very slogan specifies, “relationships matter.” Want to connect with a woman in a non-professional way?

Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean you can’t go out on dates. Have dinner at a nice restaurant that you’ve always wanted to eat at. Take a dance class that you’ve always wanted to learn. Go walk in the park and just immerse yourself in nature. Being single is a time when you can enjoy yourself and find passion in your life that doesn’t involve a bedroom.

And there is the occasional message from someone hitting on me. It happens often enough that I made a video about it. I used to ignore these messages, but then I decided this is an educational moment — for them. I don’t know about you, but if I met someone at the grocery store who was only there to troll for dates, I would find that unappealing, to say the least.

Advice for Women in Sales From Industry-Leading Saleswomen

I’m not sure I know any women that haven’t experienced this multiple times. Which is not to say you can never be attracted to or even hit on someone you know professionally. It’s saying that using your professional networks as a date search tool, deliberately and consciously, is creepy and gross. LinkedIn EXISTS for professional networking, NOT date-hunting.

It’s mildly annoying but it doesn’t piss me off. I can say that propositions for dates on LinkedIn would make me feel really uncomfortable at best, and gross/unsafe at worst… and I think that’s directly tied to my being a woman. I’m not saying that all women feel this way – they obviously don’t – but my gender is definitely a big part of my reaction. Of course, people don’t setup a LinkedIn account to find dates. They also don’t go to the grocery store, the DMV, or any other number of places where people happen to meet and hit it off despite the original intention of the activity. This might seem like something that should go without saying, but I recently did an interview with the New York Post about a new dating app that syncs to the user’s LinkedIn account.

That was a hurdle for 29-year-old Vy Ly and 27-year-old Patricia Poon, who lived 1,200 miles apart when they met on Subtle Queer Asian Dating+, a spinoff group of SAD. Schmooze has plenty of competition in the meantime, both from traditional dating platforms and from newer apps and questionnaires that similarly try pairing people based on shared interests rather than looks. With a free account, you’ll see only the last five people who viewed your profile.

Love birds dating site

So he stepped away and tried to make something more cool and relevant. He partnered with fellow HBR expat Bill Taylor and co-founded the magazine Fast Company in 1995. Their point of view was relevant on Day 1, and it is still relevant today, 20 years later. There is no question that Fast Company leads the conversations of business, technology, and innovation. There are 100s of examples just like this where someone looked at what we had today and decided to make it better.

Casual dating a meme’ for farmers, but like hinge as a dating page. I get connection requests from creepy men who presume that having a picture of me on LinkedIn means that I’m looking for a personal relationship. Plus, while it’s certainly true that many people find romance at work or Flirtini among work contacts, that doesn’t mean that you should actively try to cultivate it there. Dating within your professional circles can be messy. It can impact your work relationships, cause tensions when things don’t work out, and impact the way you’re perceived, fairly or unfairly.

Use your time and energy doing something more productive, like learning how to have a normal conversation. Phoebe, who commands a strong Instagram following of nearly 200,000, is proving to be outspoken in a variety of contexts. In June of 2022, she took to the platform to blast the impending overturn of Roe V. Wade with an alluring bikini photo and a powerful message. In new comments, Bill Gates’ daughter Phoebe slammed haters who criticized her relationship for racist reasons.


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