The couple, who now share two daughters, continue to celebrate their relationship and share supportive messages for each other on social media. “I have loved every year that I’m lucky enough to celebrate with you,” King wrote on Instagram in May 2021. “I cannot wait to see how this next chapter of life presents itself to you, I’ll always be on your sidelines cheering you on, no matter what you are up against.” Thankfully, Accola King has a much more stable love life in the real world than her on-screen counterpart, and she has been in a relationship with the musician Joe King for almost a decade. The “After We Collided” actor has her on-screen bestie and real-life pal Nina Dobrev to thank for introducing her to The Fray guitarist at a Super Bowl event in 2012. “I was too chicken to give him my number, so Nina did,” Accola King told People.

Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese, Published by Douglas & McIntyre
Author Richard Wagamese traces through his fictional characters the decline of a culture and a cultural way. When We Were Alone by David Alexander Robertson, Illustrator Julie Flett, Published by HighWaterPress
A young girl notices things about her grandmother that make her curious. Why does her grandmother have long, braided hair and beautifully coloured clothing? Why does she speak Cree and spend so much time with her family? As she asks questions, her grandmother shares her experiences in a residential school, when all of these things were taken away.

13 Moons Turtle Island by Oneida Language and Culture Center
The turtle’s back is a significant symbol used in Iroquoian media. It represents the creation of Turtle Island also known as the continent of North America, on turtle’s back or more accurately the “Earth Grasper”, from our Creation Story. A closer look will reveal a pattern of thirteen individual segments on his back which represent each moon of the Iroquoian cycle of seasons. A National Day for Truth and Reconciliation with DWF
In anticipation of the newly established federal day of reflection, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, many people in Canada have been wondering what this day means. DWF President and CEO, Sarah Midanik, will be hosting a discussion to explore this new day of reflection, the significance of September 30, what this means for reconciliation in Canada, and how we can participate meaningfully. Unluckily for them, the series was canceled before reaching a second season.

‘Call Me Indian’ travels through trauma, triumph of NHL’s 1st Indigenous player (Book)
The memoir of Fred Sasakamoose, the first treaty indigenous NHL player. Fred Sasakamoose’s autobiography is a story of racism and resilience. We Are All Treaty People by Maurice Switzer
Maurice Switzer shares a presentation with Simcoe County District School Board teachers on the International Treaties between Canada and Indigenous nations. Maurice’s book, ‘We Are All Treaty People’ (published by Good Minds, Union of Ontario Indians). Revitalizing Indigenous Laws
In Canada there is increasing acknowledgment that Canada is a multi-juridical country.

Have any of the cast of Lucifer dated?

“I told the captain over the phone, “We have to do it right away because the nerves are going! Wesley and Ramon prefer to keep their relationship under wraps but occasionally share thoughtful messages for each other on social media. “Happy birthday to the queen of the house,” Wesley wrote to Ramon alongside a series of photos showing off the couple’s low-key lifestyle with dog Greggy.

Andile Ncube’s comment about Musa’s wife causes a stir

This man needs no introduction — as one of only few characters to have appeared on The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies, he’s become one of the most recognizable characters of this franchise. But Alaric Saltzman has finally come full circle since his early days on The Vampire Diaries during the first season. Over the past decade, he’s been a history teacher, vampire hunter, foster dad, possessed serial killer, Original vampire, ghost, and then resurrected human. And despite all the responsibility on his shoulders, he hasn’t lost his signature snark. So while Legacies is now the third series set in the same universe as The Vampire Diaries, things feel fresh in new ways with so many new faces to meet when it premieres October 25. If high school looked like this in real life, we all would have been straight A students easily.

Lizzie asks if she’ll continue to sit with her until she falls asleep; Hope accepts. Into the night, Lizzie wakes to Hope’s burst of inspiration. Later that night, they arrived back at the school with her plan in full effect. She’s not stopped talking about Hope in the hopes to get Ethan to like her. Commenting on the school, she offers to take Ethan on an impromptu tour, but Josie immediately objects too.

Haudenosaunee Confederacy
Through generations of attempted assimilation, the nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy have held fast to their cultures and traditions. An excellent resource for students and teachers alike, this website shares cultural information in historical and contemporary contexts through the eyes of the Haudenosaunee. Its publishing initiative always considers stories and information in an educational context. All of their publications are developed by a team of Northern educators and language experts. Truth and Reconciliation Online Lesson Plans (sign in and then click on “Teacher resources”)
Imagineaction is a teacher platform with the goal of encouraging a student-driven social action movement. Funding opportunities for school-community social action projects tied to the Imagineaction themes.

Which cast member has just welcomed a daughter into the world? In this article, we’ll be telling you about the private lives of the actors from “Legacies.” “Legacies” is a fan-favorite on The CW as this “Vampire Diaries” spin-off boasts plenty of drama and romance. With the series in its 3rd season, we took a closer look at the cast’s personal lives. The reasoning for this was not explicitly outlined in the show, but the lore of Legacies makes it a pretty unavoidable conclusion.

Alaric and Emma find her and round up the students into a safe space. Emma then casts an invisibility spell so the gargoyle will not see them. Hope and Josie then defeat the gargoyle and Lizzie is healed.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington met while filming Game of Thrones, in which they played on-screen couple Ygritte and Jon Snow, respectively. During a joint interview with Steve Adubato, Wilson and Domińczyk’s connection is palpable, as they sweetly finish each other’s sentences. Both actors mention that they first met at Carnegie Mellon University and Wilson goes on to explain that they reconnected a decade later at an alumni event.

They knew they wanted to show a male-male romance, but needed the right characters to do it. Yet, Sebastien tried to seduce Lizzie away from her family and friends. He tried to keep her in a sort of castle in the prison world so that she couldn’t go to her family to help them. It was an all-consuming relationship, one with a lot of chemistry, but one which was better short-lived. While Jade isn’t as old of a vampire as Stefan or Damon were when they courted Elena in The Vampire Diaries, it makes sense that Legacies would want to change this vampire-romance narrative.

Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes fell in love in Salem and are still in love today

After two-and-a-half seasons as a main character on “TVD,” Morgan went on to lead the vampire spin-off series “The Originals,” though he returned to Mystic Falls as a guest in subsequent seasons. It’s not clear what drove these lovebirds apart, but it may have had something to do with Kelley not seeing wedding bells in her future. “I don’t think my life is supposed to follow that kind of trajectory,” she said to Us Weekly, shortly before her split with Roerig. However, she then married her new beau Jordan Burrows in 2018, so perhaps the timing just wasn’t right for Roerig and Kelley. “I was with my girlfriend at lunch and she was like, ‘It’s your birthday and you got a phone call out of the blue to do this music video? I think you should do it!'” Ewell recalled to People. This was more than just a great work opportunity for Ewell though, who joked that it was her “best birthday present ever” because it was where she met and starred opposite Tanner Novlan, her future husband.

Métis Museum
Métis experiences of residential schools by Gabriel Dumont Institute. Every school board and each community will have unique protocols to gain the support of local Indigenous knowledge and expertise. When selecting Indigenous resources for the classroom, educators are responsible for ensuring the resources are culturally relevant, authentic, and are from reputable sources.


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