Sure I have scars, but they don’t stop me from moving forward and believing I can have something meaningful again with a man. We are talking about erotic relationships here, not friendship or “companionship”. I would never seek or accept an erotic relationship with a woman because I am simply not interested in women sexually. I spend a good chunk of my life being respondible. However, I really want a relationship in which my partner is foremost my ‘girlfriend’ and she acts that way. But she wants to hold hands, smooch in the movie theatre and never turns some opportunity because ‘its late and I have to get up in the morning’.

She ended leaving him and really had no shortage of men who came her way. Right after she left him she ended up having a short fling with a 32 year old which started out as a hook up kind of thing but he ended up sort of learning some grown up skills from her. She was really embarrassed about the relationship because of the age difference but I told her know ones cares. She isn’t the only woman who ends up seeing a younger man right after a divorce. Most likely you will need a bit of therapy to get over the betrayal and a good divorce support group might help. You might look at a site called

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“People often ask whether an older man is more mature than a younger one,” Sherman adds. “It depends upon the individual and their development and history. That said, extra years of life experience do often lead to greater maturity in relationships, and more life wisdom.” A range of generation gap-related issues can be easier to bridge when you’re over 40 as well. “The older you get, the less of a challenge it’s likely to pose,” Lester continues.

“There’s no denying Jeff looks much older than me, which can cause people to roll their eyes when they see us. PEOPLE is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family. We’re looking forward to the “House of Gucci” star bringing Valentina along for more glam red carpet events. The celebrity daughter — whose father is Hayek’s billionaire husband, François Henri Pinault — wore her blond hair in glamorous waves to coordinate with her mom. As for Valentina, she sported a bright shade of red, wearing a strapless gown with a full skirt and tulle accents for her Oscars appearance.

If we are emotionally equal than I have no issue. – Get physically fit and stay trim. I see woman after woman over 40 who are 50 to 100 pounds overweight and few that are in shape. Not only are these women unattractive to me, but if I think to the future, this means heart attack, diabetes, hip and knee replacements and couch potato, none of which seem interesting. Is this someone I’m going to travel with as I age, or be able accompany me up a mountain or even on a slow bike ride? When my doctor told me to lose weight 15 years ago, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months and kept it off, so it can be done.

I am 54 and date women in their 50s. Mad at what happened in the past and conclude that they really don’t need a man. They also conclude yoh are the normal dog and must jump through hoops to prove different.

#3 Pro: Amazing sex

Overall, the creepiness rule does not accurately represent what people find socially acceptable; people are more judgmental than what the creepiness rule implies. The rule is too lenient about how old and how young people are “allowed” to date. When John and Lauren are 60, the creepiness rule allows them to date anyone older than themselves .

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I believe you when you say that the men are cr@p as well – but I’m not dating men so I don’t care. I also personally believe that there are more quality men than quality women available but that’s just my own view. The few high quality women are usually taken and stay taken as they don’t destroy good relationships thinking they might be able to do better. One man I met online I became great friends with but he doesn’t want romance, being in another country, and another man is very sweet and kind but he has a lot of issues. I don’t know if we could ever have a future together, and here again, he’s in another country. When I think about what would be involved in making a life together, it’s quite overwhelming.

Its so bad that young men have a growing movement MGTOW ” men going their own way” basicly men will endeavour to sleep with women but thats it. Singles in some countries now outnumber couples. Good people pay the price for the bad things that others do or say. Unless a guy is rich with lots of money to spend, it is going to be difficult to find a woman who is good looking, wealthy and has no health or emotional issues who is in her 50’s. If you eliminate all people who are either overweight and/or have some other sort of chronic health condition, you are eliminating 60 or 70% of possible partners.

I like to reach up on my tiptoes to kiss a guy. It isn’t all about just being tall though. I am not attracted to a guy that is too skinny, nor attracted to some muscular buffed gym rat. I am not as toned as I would like to be, at 115 lb I still possess celulite. I would say I am average and am equally attracted to an average weight man.

year old dating a 23 year old?

When the time is right you will run into someone special again. It took me a very long time before I could even think about dating again. I never thought I would be doing this but I am and I am not about to be a male spinster. Just want someone to have conversations with and to start to live again. If it’s the dirty old men who are always under my feet you’re refering to that works for me, they were the intended target of my anger, sounds like I hit the mark. I hate women who say I want a man but don’t need a man.

In the meantime, enjoy kissing and holding each other by the fire. In the meantime, I plan on being celibate. How can you live without sex men of all ages ask?

It may take a while, but remember, sometimes the journey can be as much fun as the destination. Women here in your age bracket and mine do so little looking at themselves you can’t even remark on their bad driving habits. Hi Meribast, I like and agree with your message, it’s so true and fitting for most of us in our 50+ years. I agree with what you had to say in your message.


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